Devil’s Dyke THE DEVIL’S BLONDE 40 Litre Cask (Firkin)


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The Devil’s Blonde combines substance with zest and freshness. Brewed from only pure water and natural ingredients, The Devil’s Blonde goes down refreshingly smoothly time after time.

The Devil’s Blonde is made using the same recipe as Arran Brewery’s award winning Arran Blonde, but at a lower abv it goes down more easily and is more refreshing than the full strength Blonde.

Nose: Mild biscuity malts, herbal hops with discernible lemon notes infuse to create a beautiful aroma.

Palate: Light toasted malts with a taste of citrus hops. The sharpness is tampered down by a creamy smoothness.

Appearance: Light golden ale with a glowing warm honey hue.

Finish: Medium to light, pleasant, more sweet than a bitter, with a hint of golden syrup.

Comments: A delicate floral hoppy aroma. A subtle, well balanced finish with good character.
ABV: 4.0% vol