Arran Sunset 40 Litre Cask (Firkin)


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Isle of Arran Sunset Premium beer brings together a unique balance of nature and freshness only rarely found. Isle of Arran Sunset delivers a mature taste of receding brightness and leaves a lingering colourful glow. This glorious product is brewed from only the purest water and natural ingredients, and free of artificial additives or preservatives. Naturally.
Nose: Citrusy grapefruit notes are abundant, backed up with some essences of used leather and a scent of smokiness to finish off.
Palate: Powerful flavour of citrus fruits from the hops. There are dry notes of grape fruit, wood, some smoke just like the aroma of the beer.
Appearance: Dark golden hue with great clarity, fluffy white head in the company of a gentle carbonation.
Finish: Soft fizzy mouth feel throughout with a rather clean and crisp finish; very light-bodied and mild flavoured ale.
Comments: Well bodied summer ale, gentle perfume with a good balance of fruitiness, maltyness and hops. Perfect for any BBQ session.

ABV:4.4% vol.