Arran Sleeping Warrior 12x330ml Case


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Barley Wine is a style of strong ale originating in England and was normally kept for the aristocracy. The use of the word wine is due to its similar alcoholic strength of a fine wine, However since it is made from grain rather than fruit it is in fact, a Beer!
While suitable for drinking now this classic ale will continue to develop in the bottle for up to four years. Over time this vintage will mature and its flavours mellow, rewarding you for your wait. All you need to do is decide when.
The Sleeping Warrior is a view of the mountains connected with The Island of Arran,which it is claimed resembles that of a sleeping knight with his shield laid across his chest, resting from battle.
Nose: Vanilla Ice cream with golden syrup, Almonds and Brandy soaked prunes
Palate: Caramel, Raisins, Clove, Dark chocolate and cherry liquor truffle, grapefruit
Finish: Warm with hints of ginger tea Appearance: Brownish dark red
Comment: Pairs well with pudding as a perfect alternative to traditional dessert wines

ABV: 8.3% vol