Arran Fireside 40 Litre Cask (Firkin)


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Smooth dark amber malty brew with a warm ginger aroma and a sweet bitter & spicy finish., the perfect beer for the cold winter nights.
Nose: Spicy ginger up front partnered with some caramel malts in background.
Palate: Caramel malts provide a base for a vibrant range of flavours such as aromatic spices; cloves, redcurrant fruit and fiery ginger. Spicy hops give a resiny aftertaste which leads to a rather dry smoky finish.
Appearance: Clear ruby red.
Finish: Medium to light bodied with a medium thick texture and a decent clean finish.
Comments: A smooth malty brew with a pleasant hop character. Fireside has a bittersweet finish with a hint of ginger, perfect for those cold wintry nights.

ABV: 4.7% vol.