Arran Dark 40 Litre Cask (Firkin)


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There is something of a pagan feel about Arran. A place where nature still holds sway. Where the qualities of tradition are still valued. This Isle of Arran Dark Premium Beer offers you a smooth beer of weight and substance, brewed from only the purest water and natural ingredients, and free of artificial additives or preservatives. Naturally.
Nose: Rich caramel notes, followed up by dried fruit flavours that fill the nostrils.
Palate: Dominating notes of rich caramel malts hit the taste buds. The hops are nominal but detectable. Flavours bind together to create a clean and fruity after taste.
Appearance: Rich mahogany brown with a nutty creamy brown head.
Finish: Good body, not overly thick, with a medium carbonation.
Comments: The roasted qualities combined with a pleasant bitter chocolate finish make this a well rounded “Scottish Heavy”, worthy of a few pints.

ABV: 4.3% vol.