Arran Clyde Puffer 40 Litre Cask (Firkin)


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Named after the small boats which served the islands of the Clyde, Clyde Puffer is an oatmeal stout with a coffee and nut aroma. Sweet and mellow body with a low hop taste, hints of coffee and dark chocolate and a smooth silky finish.
Nose: Lively on the nose. Roasted malts with a tinge of oats along with some sweetness and toffee. Hints of fruit and dark berries also arise.
Palate: Sweet malts and oats with a detectable trace of coffee. A beautiful Creamy taste throughout with some good hits of chocolate and toffee, finishing up with dark fruits.
Appearance: Dark brown with a thumb-sized bubbly head that is an off-white to light brown colour.
Finish: Medium bodied, lively carbonation.
Comments: Lively flavoured stout, contains the usual mix of roasted malts and chocolate. Accompanied by a nice fruity taste lurking in the background.

ABV: 4.5% vol.